Digital well-being & awareness, Horroj!

Digital well-being is one of the most critical issues in today’s world!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or a job seeker, regardless of your title, even if you’re putting your resume online for marriage or a job, or even if you’re a public figure, many people will ask for your social media profiles! And that’s a good thing because you won’t have to worry about missing important information!

Because we rely on social media, we frequently need to track where we are.

Social media is a street tea shop where everyone judges and compares you to others. But that’s only the beginning! What if you don’t have anything to wear? Wouldn’t that be incredibly depressing? Yes, your digital presence is precisely like this. Nothing is completely removed once it is posted! It’s in the cloud, as they say!


Introductory to Tech Solutions

There has been a significant amount of phishing and hacking since the inception of the Internet. Alternatively, you may still need to exit your session! Things can quickly become soiled! So my best advice is to avoid it!

What other than your dignity in the virtual world of the Internet, where you don’t know anyone personally?

Assume we’d be entirely wrong if we thought this way! All financial transactions in the modern world are conducted using digital currency! If you weren’t careful, you’d lose your fortune as well!


How we’ll proceed with solutions

I’m Imtiaz Arefin, the DEVELOPER of It’s a long talk about digital security precautions on the web, significantly how to cut down on human mistakes!

The best approach is never to have a conversation that you wouldn’t have in front of an appropriate audience.

And never take any risky photos or videos on your phone because you never know who is watching you! or paying attention to you! It could be anyone, from digital marketers to hackers to government agencies (but only if you’ve done something heinous).

So, as businesses and identities, DIGITAL MONEY (rather than currency) and DIGITAL LIFE are now a part of our daily lives!

As this is my first post on, I’ll have to keep it simple and clean, but we’ll put forward a lot of details and histories about being secure and safe in my next article! In the following posts, I’ll discuss many tech solutions and modern tools such as ChatGPT (AI), crypto (blockchain), ethical hacking, digital security, web solutions, and so on.

So hold on tight! If you’re eager to learn, we have a lot to offer! ! I’ll put on links to referrals so you can get the most out of each article! Simply keep reading! Keep reading, HORROJ!



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