The Smelly King

The Smelly King: Durian

As you might know, Durian is dubbed the king of fruits. Why, you ask? Honestly, no one knows! It could be because of the usual size of the fruit, the rich taste, or the incomparable rancid smell coming from it. Durian is the staple fruit of Southeast Asian countries. Each country has hundreds of varieties of Durian. Where I’m from, Indonesia, we have over 30 different varieties; all delicious!

Despite the rancid smell, Durian is considered a superfruit! It is rich in iron, vitamin C, and potassium and contains more than the daily required dietary fiber. Although, as with all other things, Durian must not be eaten excessively since it can cause dizziness and breathlessness.

Durian tree grows very tall. It can grow to 150 feet or 50 meters. An interesting fact about Durian is that it will fall off the tree on its own accord when ripe. Dangerous, you say? Durian is a very considerate plant! It will only fall off during the night and never during the day! So unless you’re going to steal it in the middle of the night, you’re perfectly safe to stroll under it during the day.

The thorn-covered rind, the rancid smell, the strange-looking flesh, all those things might intimidate you, but once in a lifetime, you need to try it! For me, Durian is the taste of home! The sweet, rich taste, texture, and smell remind me of a fun family gathering with my grandparents around the dinner table. So, would you give it a try when you have the chance?



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