Komodo Dragon

Would you like to see possibly the last real dinosaur alive? Let me take you to Komodo Dragon National Park in Indonesia. These pre-historic-looking lizards exclusively live in the National Park, which is consisted of 3 islands (Padar, Komodo, and Rinca). The lizards are the largest living species of lizards on earth. It can grow up to 2 to 3 meters long and weigh more than 70kg.

Komodo Dragon is known for its aggressiveness and poisonous saliva. The locals built their houses a couple of meters above ground so they could live alongside the lizards. In the National Park, there are 5,700 Komodo dragons, and to visit, you have to book the government-run ecotour in advance.

Komodo Dragon National Park
Komodo Dragon National Park

There are a lot of other fauna inhabiting the islands. The island’s climate and vegetations are unique from the rest of the country. It’s super dry, the area experiences little to no rain for most of the year, so it’s a perfect place for terrestrial fauna such as Timor deer (Komodo Dragon’s main prey), a few species of snakes, birds, and of course the lizards.

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