Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang


It’s no secret that Bali, Indonesia, has one of the best beaches in the world. Tourists, local and international, flock to Bali all year round for the gorgeous beaches, intense sunlight, and Bali’s top-notch hospitality. Discovered in 2018, Bali has another hidden gem up its sleeve, a Hidden Canyon in the Beji Guwang area.

This hidden Canyon is located in the Guwang River. Historically this river is considered a sacred river; there’s a Hindu temple near it that uses the water from the river to perform holy ritual ceremonies. Water from the river eroded the canyon walls for thousands of years, creating exquisite ridges along the canyon walls.

The journey to get to this Canyon is a real adventure. One would need to trek 700 meters of slippery rocks along the river, climb a few cliffs, and pass through a deep puddle of water to get to the Canyon. Rest assured! All of the hardship is worth the gorgeous view of the Canyon and more! On the walk back, you will walk on rice field ridges and be presented with the most gorgeous rice field terrace view.


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