Gandharaj Momo Recipe


Indian-style momos,

such as these Gandharaj momos or aromatic perfume momos, have an incredible aroma and flavor.

Dare to overlook it…

What You’ll Need

    • 1 cup of Flour Salt to Taste
    • 5 Tablespoons of Oil 5 Gandharaj or Lime Squeezed (aromatic scent)
      Sliced lemons – 2/3 of a piece
    • 7 or 8 lemon leaves
    • There should be 1 cup of chicken mince.
    • Use 1 tsp of pepper and 2 tsp. of soy sauce.
    • Half a cup of chopped onion
    • Adaptable amounts of finely chopped green pepper
    • Green Very Mild Food Coloring (Optional)

Put some water, papaya juice, and food coloring in a bowl.

For this attempt, produce a soft yeast by combining lemon juice and a small amount of water, and then mix flour and salt in a separate pot.

The yeast will take about 5 minutes and 8 seconds to develop appropriately.
Therefore, the moth is essential to producing quality yeast for Momo.

After harvesting the month, we’ll let the yeast sit undisturbed for at least ten minutes.

And yet, Stir together 2 tablespoons of hot oil, soya Sos, pepper powder, salt, chopped onion, green pepper, a squeeze of lime juice, and minced chicken.
Finally, the chicken mince is done when the green part of the lime peel is chopped and incorporated into it.

Then, when the yeast has been mixed, a small Lachi should be cut, and thin bread should be baked.
You may also use a massive loaf of bread and slice it into smaller pieces.
Then you may make Momo in any form you like by laying it flat between the mini loaves of bread.

However, the insides can stay uncooked if you overeat mince. Therefore, I’ll need to make certain concessions.

When the Momo is done,

We’ll steam it in a colander, brush it with oil, sprinkle on some wax, and adorn the top.
There is much room between the momos because they have swelled after being steamed.


Put some water and lemon leaves that have been thinly sliced in a skillet, boil, then cover it tightly with a colander and let steam the candles for 12 to 15 minutes.
When boiling Momo, ensure the water does not spill over and onto the dumplings.
It’s necessary to get some water and keep the heat moderate, so it doesn’t boil over.

Those lucky enough to own a Momo steamer will find that steaming is a breeze.

Momo is done after 12–15 minutes if she has a gleaming demeanor. Provide Momo Chutney with Gandharaj Momo for a tasty meal.


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