Chocolate Kheer Patisapata

Fatima Dhuha

Ramadan Recipe 💗

Chocolate Kheer Patisapata

One of the amazing traditionally made Bengali pies Patisapta, and another (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan) desert Kheer, is always floating on the top of menus! What if making a dish with both of them and chocolate? Good news for chocolate lovers! This Ramadan, this dish is going to be easy to make and yummy to taste to brighten up your day a bit more!

To make the Chocolate Kheer Patisapta we need,


1 cup of flour,
Semolina 1 1/2 cup,
Rice powder 1/2 cup,
Powdered sugar,
A pinch of salt,
Choco powder,


Firstly, heat the 1\2-liter milk a little and soak semolina with rice powder for 30 minutes.

Then make the mixture with a pinch of salt, flour, sugar powder, Choco powder, Cadbury (hot milk), and ghee.

Then heat up white oil and ghee in the nonstick pan. Then put Cadbury on the pan and a handful of the mixture on top of it and heat up a bit, then put the Kheer on it and make some rolls just like Patisapta pie. ❤️

Finally, decorate the pies with some cashews and almonds or any nuts you love! Enjoy your chocolate kheer patisapta for suhur or iftaar anytime you like! ❤️

The holy month of Ramadan is not the month of eating tasty food! This must always be remembered to make ourselves better Muslims.

Let the change come by our table!

– Fatima Dhuha

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