Via Dolorosa

Indonesia has an enormous Muslim population in the world, but there are five other religions acknowledged by the government, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. Last week the whole world celebrated Easter, including 13% of Indonesian, and there are some fascinating Easter traditions that you might want to know.

This year’s Easter happened during the third week of Ramadan, and some of the Muslims also participated in the celebration by playing a Gospel song during their suhoor wake-up call. Usually, men from the neighborhood will play loud traditional musical instruments to do the wake-up call. However, on Easter morning this year, they played a Gospel song, which the Christian residents greatly appreciated.

Another unique tradition is the Via Dolorosa in Mount Gandul, Wonogiri. As a token of gratitude and remembrance of what Jesus has gone through, hundreds of Christians and Catholics will reenact some of the critical points of Jesus’ crucifixions by walking uphill the mountain while carrying three crosses. They will walk and pray in groups with a pastor leading them and preaching the whole way up the mountain, where they will install the crosses. The event is held each year during Easter, and this year it’s the first time it’s being held after Covid restrictions.

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