Shakshouka/Shakshuka: Recipe

Subash C. Bose

Shakshouka/Shakshuka is a Maghrebi (North African) dish famous for its taste.

Desi Shakshouka,
Prepared with Indian spices & style

A marvelous taste with fine hunger stimulating colors – red, yellow, and white shining bright with a keen touch of greenish mint and coriander leaves. It better tastes with bread or roti.


Cooking Method For Shakshouka

✳️Add ghee(Clarified Butter) 🧈 into a pan, Cumin, chopped green chili, garlic 🧄, ginger garlic paste, onions 🧅, capsicum, and tomato 🍅 saute it very well till the raw smell goes, add a little bit of salt 🧂 for flavor. 

✳️Add spices – garam masala powder, coriander powder, paprika powder, pepper powder, and turmeric powder.

✳️Add tomato puree and fresh cream along with salt 🧂 as preferred taste. Cook it till the raw smell goes.

✳️Break eggs🥚and add it to the pan depending on their size, I added 4 eggs. Give it a touch with coriander and mint leaves 🌿🍀, and a pinch of salt and pepper for the eggs. Close the lid till the egg is cooked well. 

✳️ The ‘SCB’ is Decorated with ketchup and Chipotle Cheese cream 🧀.

Finally, Decorate it with anything you want!

~ Recipe by Subash C. Bose


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