RyoGas: A Smart Fuel Management System

Farzana Ferdous

A new startup named “Ryo Gas Software”, the winner of BIG (Bangabandhu Innovation Grant) 2023, has started its journey to digitalize fuel management in Bangladesh. They have four different applications and three pricing packages. The applications are a) Gas Station Management Software, b) POS App, c) Gas station locator on map and d) Easy Fuel app and the packages are a) Standard b) Professional and c) Premium.
Recently Mr. Kalimullah (anonymous name) has been using the RyoGas system to manage his multiple stations (more than 20 stations). At the end of the day, his employees from the gas stations use their smartphones to submit information for daily purchases, sales, bank deposit etc. into the system and once senior-level employees from the head office approve, Mr. Kalimullah instantly can see all the information online from anywhere. Within a few clicks he gets daily, monthly and yearly profit / loss and other summary reports. It took much effort and time to generate these reports by his employees before using the system.

Previously, employees kept all this information in pen and paper and there were mistakes and fraudulent activities. Now, the accounting is very accurate, detailed, and transparent. At the end of the day, employees from the gas station have to upload a picture of the sales meter reading, and the system automatically checks if there was any mistake during data entry. The system automatically updates the stock and gives a gas purchase warning. As a result, the station is not stopped for a single day. Now one third of his employees can handle the whole operation of gas station management. It greatly reduced the operation cost for Mr. Kalimullah.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Kalimullah availed all these great benefits with a meager setup cost. To use the system, he had to pay 15,000 BDT per station as the initial setup cost and buy one or more POS machines as required. RyoGas supplied these machines at market price, around 15,000 BDT per machine. The setup cost is very affordable, and no other hidden cost exists. He did not have to buy any new computers or hire new employees to run this system as the system is usable via the internet and very easy to use. His employees get trained free of cost and get solutions for any problems very quickly. RyoGas has deployed and maintained the system in the cloud—no headache for Mr. Kalimullah. The system security and data confidentiality are incredibly high. Mr. Kalimullah gets a separate database for his stations and does not have to share databases with other companies. He availed himself of all these benefits by subscribing the Standard Package of RyoGas with just 3,000 BDT per month per station.
Mr. Kalimullah has many corporate customers who purchase gas for their vehicles from his gas stations. Selling LPG to corporate customers was not an easy task. He had to engage his employees for managing corporate customers information, their driver and vehicle information as well as to keep records of all the fuel purchases by the corporate customers. At the end of the month, his employees had to reconcile those purchases from different stations, and make a sales report for the customers for billing. It took a great deal of effort and time by his employees. The process is slow, so getting the customer dues took a few days to a few weeks. Mr. Kalimullah also has to maintain accounting software for his company’s other accounting information. To manage credit sales hassle-free, RyoGas has a module for corporate customer management. Also RyoGas has its own double-entry accounting management system that is easily integrated with gas station management system.

Mr. Kalimullah then upgraded to Professional Package to keep his corporate customers, their vehicle and driver information, and every sales transaction in detail. For every purchase SMS is sent to customers and their drivers. Customers can also view their purchase history via online. At the beginning of the next month customers get the billing voucher generated by the system. Now there is no reconciliation process and the trust is very high. Customers pay their dues very quickly. He also manages his company’s accounting through RyoGas Software accounting module. All these exciting features are provided by the professional package for which Mr. Kalimullah had to spend an additional 1000 BDT per station per month.

Mr. Kalimullah’s company also has a number of fleets to manage. As the company is large he also needs customized new features to be developed and maintained. Ryo Gas Software does all these for his company without hiring any IT or software engineers for Mr. Kalimullah. For that, he upgraded to a Premium Package with 5000 BDT per month per station.
Mr. Kalimullah finds Ryo Gas Software very useful for his company to make it efficient and process-oriented. He can also manage his station with fewer people than before. As a result, introducing this new system did not incur extra financial burden to his company, rather, it saved money for his overall business.


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