Kofta curry of Green Banana

RECIPE: Fatima

🌶️ Kofta Curry of Raw Banana 🌶️

For those who are fed up with eating the same food…


Ingredients For Recipe: Kofta curry of Green Banana


        • Raw Banana – 2 of them
        • Boiled potatoes – 1 medium size
        • Ginger Garlic paste- half a teaspoon
        • Onion paste – 3 Tablespoons
        • Chopped onion – half cup
        • Chopped green pepper – to taste
        • Coriander leaves chopped – to taste
        • Turmeric powder – Slight
        • Coriander – 1 teaspoon
        • Dry pepper powder – to taste
        • Fried cumin powder – half teaspoon
        • Cumin – half a teaspoon
        • Cinnamon + cardamom + bay leaves – 2/3 pcs
        • Beson – 1/2 Tablespoon
        • Tomato chopped – 1 cup
        • Stone Green Peppers – 4/6 o’clock
        • Almond paste – 1 Tablespoon (Optional)
        • Oil – as needed!


Process of Making Kofta curry of Green Banana

    1. Firstly, wash the raw banana and boil it with some turmeric powder. If it’s boiled, combine it with boiled potato, salt, a little onion, fried cumin powder, chopped green pepper, chopped coriander leaves, a little ginger, and gram with gram and gram, and shape it into a round (oval) kofta.
    2. If the koftas are warm, we will fry them in brown oil.
    3. So, this is how fried Kofta is eaten after it has been fried.

Use the recipe below to make kofta curry if you want it again.


Recipe To Make Kofta curry of Raw Banana

    • In a pan with a bit of oil over medium heat, cook onions with cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, and bay leaves. Once the onion is soft, we’ll grind it with an onion bowl, ginger, garlic, butter, yellow powder, dry pepper, coriander powder, salt, a chopped tomato, an almond bowl, and some water.
    • Then scratch and cut the soaked and fried koftas that will soak for a while. Then cover it with a bit of water. After cooking for 10 minutes on medium heat, if the gravy is mashed, there will be chopped green chilies and coriander leaves.
    • Finally, a bit of fried cumin powder and ghee can be spread.


That’s it! Yummy Kofta is ready!


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