Independence: Shades of Bijoy

Shades of Bijoy

A mind at liberty is the greatest liberation

What is true liberty?

What does it mean to be autonomous? Liberating one’s nation and establishing unrestricted movement? Putting one’s ideas into action? That’s the reality we’re living in. When we observe animals in cages, we automatically conclude that they are not living freely. Broken wings prevent a bird from flying freely. Question is a free-flying bird that spends its day circling aimlessly in the sky. Do we know whether it’s free? In our view, the first step toward true independence begins with the end of a jail sentence. 


True colors of independence

Self-reliance and independence are crucial to me. A mind that is open to any ideas is something we must work to cultivate. You are free if you don’t need to check your phone for a “Good morning baby” message on Whatsapp every morning. I don’t care if you have to wait for anybody else to clean your toilet or bathroom if you can clean them yourself. If you don’t have to wait for your maid in the morning, you can do anything you choose. Constantly focusing on academic success is a way to put yourself behind bars. Any constraints unencumber a self-reliant individual. 


The historical limiting of freedom

In the history of eternity, people mistakenly believed that freedom included the ability to go anywhere they pleased. On the contrary, the most significant space is independence from all earthly ties. Nobody can guarantee that one will be emotionally and psychologically liberated. The most limiting constraint is reliance on another item or person. 


Be independent no matter the consequence

You have to let yourself loose from all of your short-term ties if you want to live a life of freedom. Laboring diligently is a kind of liberty, but fixating on the outcome all the time is a form of shackling. 

Make an effort to detach your thinking from any kind of expectation, pressure, hope or Emotion. Mental independence is the most important kind of independence if there is any.

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