Christmas in the United States, 2022


Greetings to all readers around the world!

Hello, inquisitive people! Wander Woman is here. Today I’ve been asked to share a little about what Christmas looks like where I live.

The United States is technically a secular nation with the separation of church and state as a founding principle. However, Christian holidays are widely celebrated here, with Christmas being the most widely celebrated of all. I will share some traditions and rituals observed in my home and communities across the United States.

My Most Desired Holiday in the United States

The holiday’s centerpiece for Americans who celebrate Christmas is most likely the Christmas tree. Today, options are almost limitless as far as size and color go. First, many Americans go to “Christmas tree lots” to pick out a real, freshly cut tree to take home and place it in a stand with water the same way you’d place cut flowers in water. The tree is then decorated for the holiday by draping it with lights and hanging glass baubles from the branches. Traditionally, a large gold or silver star is placed on top. These trees are specially grown on Christmas tree farms across the nation. Another option is to purchase an artificial tree. For me, an artificial tree makes sense because instead of buying a fresh tree every year, I made a single investment that I can store and use for many Christmases. I also gravitated toward artificial trees because they come in various colors, and I’m partial to pink! Next, American families purchase Christmas gifts for each other and place the larger ones underneath the tree and the smaller ones in hanging stockings – more on that in a moment. Finally, the family gathers around the tree on Christmas morning to open the gifts.


Decorating Our Homes For Christmas

Another Christmas tradition observed in my household, and many other American homes is the aforementioned Christmas stockings. These are oversized, stylized socks that are supposed to be hung from a mantelpiece over a fireplace. Unfortunately, my home has no fireplace, so the china cabinet has to do for us. Most traditional Christmas stockings are red and white, but just like the artificial trees, they can also be found in various colors. Like my Christmas tree, my sock is pink. They are filled with small gifts, edible treats, and candies, and like the gifts beneath the Christmas tree, they are opened on Christmas morning.


Christmas Trees & Lighting Are More Essential Than Ever!

Americans also enjoy decorating the exteriors of their homes with colorful displays of Christmas lights that they can primarily admire in the evenings once it gets dark outside. There are white lights, colored lights, blinking lights, snowflakes, and icicle-shaped lights… it’s all down to personal preference, and each home is different. For example, I live in a condominium rather than a free-standing house, so I have a single string of rainbow-colored lights in my front window. It’s a modest display but imparts at least a bit of spirit and holiday cheer.



Deeper Meaning Of Christmas To Us

These are some of the surface trappings of a typical American Christmas, but for most other Americans I know, the deeper meaning of the holiday is to spend it with loved ones, whether family or dear friends. It’s one of the busiest times for American road and air travel, as almost everyone who observes the holiday will visit or host loved ones.


May Christmas Bring Joy To You & Make The World A Better Place To Live

I will be boarding an airplane in 12 hours to fly the 2,500 miles (4,023 km) from San Francisco, California, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a holiday family visit. So, from my loved ones to yours and mine, I will leave you with the traditional holiday wishes:

may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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