Bromo Sunrise


Gorgeous Sunrise at Mythical Mount Bromo

A long time ago, in the fifteenth century, a princess from the East Java Empire of Majapahit, Roro Anteng, and her husband, Joko Seger. They came and lived in the Mount Bromo area and called the entire area Tengger (a combination of their names – Anteng & Seger ).

The area prospered during the couple’s rule, but they had no children. One day the couple prayed to the Gods residing in Mount Bromo for children. The Gods agreed to grant the couple children only if they would sacrifice the last child to the Gods. The couple agreed, and they started having children. On their 25th child, Roro Anteng knew it was their last child, and they had to sacrifice the child to the Gods. She couldn’t do it, so the Gods were angry and threatened to destroy the area with volcanic material. So they sacrificed a child in the mountains to protect the people and their area. It’s said the sound of a child could be heard in a whisper from the mountain. 

Each year on the 10th month of the Javanese Calendar, the Tengger tribe holds a sacrificial ceremony to the Gods by throwing crops and livestock into the volcano crater to commemorate the past. The ceremony is open to tourists and locals. 

While observing the ceremony, it’s worth checking out the famous Bromo Sunrise, which is breathtaking, or if you’re not a morning person, check out the Milky Way Bromo to watch the stars at night!

Book a tour in advance so your trip will be more convenient. Prices ranged from $150 to $400 for two people, including a 2D1N stay at a local hotel.

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