The moving metal!

Michael, a farmer from Costa Rica, came upon a fantastic discovery. While going through his belongings, he discovered something he could never have imagined. There appeared to be a little, bright metal thing on the guava leaves. And all of a sudden, the metal began to move. It was a living thing! Further on, Michael discovered that certain beetles are incredibly uncommon. They have endured severe habitat destruction throughout time and have been trapped and sold to collectors.

Rosenkaefer - Cetonia aurata - Shiny Beetles - by Galib
Rosenkaefer – Cetonia aurata – Beetles  — by Galib

What is it?

It turned out to be Chrysina Limbata, another of the rarest beetles in the world. It is well-known for its silver reflective panels. Michael was astounded when he saw this with his own eyes. He could get a better view of her when she came to a halt and pretended to be dead. This beetle swiftly took off after he did nothing more than place its back upon its tree. But his memories stayed with him forever. Michael has never seen a bug like this before, yet he believes this won’t be like that.

Metallic Chrysina Limbata

According to a publication from researchgate, this brilliant metallic color is from two species of beetles: the Chrysina Aurigans and the other Chrysina Limbata. Please have a look at this beetles article published in Researchgate:

Tortoise bug, Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis, Family - Chrysomelidae
Tortoise bug, Aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis, Family – Chrysomelidae


Pictures of the Chrysina aurigans (left) and the Chrysina limbata… | Download Scientific Diagram (



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