Aboard The Delta King, A Riverboat Hotel


The Delta King (Sacramento, California USA)

Hello, inquisitive people. Wander Woman here. A while back I had the opportunity to spend the night aboard the Delta King, a riverboat hotel in Sacramento, CA. This was a real riverboat that used to carry passengers between Sacramento and San Francisco during the 1920’s-1940’s. Nowadays, the boat is fixed in place and serves as a stationary hotel. Its traveling days are over but it still makes a unique historical destination for an overnight getaway.

Historical Breakdown For Delta King

The Delta King was actually built primarily in Scotland, and subsequently imported to the USA. It entered service in 1927, transporting passengers along the Sacramento River. The boat changed ownership several times over the following decades and in 1981 it sank in the San Francisco Bay. The following year it was raised to the surface and began to undergo a restoration process which would last 5 years and cost some 9 million USD. In 1989 the boat was returned to Sacramento, where it has served as a hotel ever since.

Delta Kings Twin, The Delta Queen

The Delta King has a twin riverboat, the Delta Queen, which is still in operation today, cruising the Mississippi River region of the American south. The Delta Queen is reputed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who died aboard in 1949!

Safe Voyage On The Historical Delta King.

If you’re ever in the Sacramento area and looking for an unusual place to spend a night, I highly recommend the historical Delta King.


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